• Round suction plate for handling of flat, smooth workpieces such as sheet metal, plastic, coated timber, granite or concrete
  • For universal use in handling processes in vacuum automation and with manual vacuum lifting devices
  • Use in processes requiring high suction forces or acceleration
  • Use in dirty environmental conditions such as oil
  • Handling thin-walled workpieces such as thin metal sheets
Product Highlights
  • Weight reduction by 30 % due to a carrier plate made of reinforced plastic
  • Sealing ring made of oil and ozone-resistant NBR with optimised friction structure for increased suction and lateral force
  • Innovative connection between supporting plate and sealing ring simplifies replacement and protects against twisting
  • Read out product information via NFC interface with the smartphone and carry out replacement procurement
Suction Plates SUF
  • Reinforced plastic supporting plate (1)
  • Integrated NFC-interface (2)
  • Replaceable sealing ring (3) with special friction structure (4) and optimized sealing edge
  • Diameter: 125 to 210 mm
  • Material: NBR
  • Reinforced plastic supporting plate
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