• Suction plates for handling flexible materials e.g. prepregs or semi-finished products made of fiber composite material such as CFRP, GFRP
  • Handling of sensitive workpieces that must not be deformed such as foils
  • Prevention of fiber displacement by "sucking in" (no influence on the fiber orientation)
  • Handling free of permanent mechanical marks
Product Highlights
  • Internal support prevents deformation and retraction of flexible workpieces
  • Reduced energy consumption with increased lateral force transmission due to particularly uniform vacuum distribution
  • No damage to sensitive workpieces due to uniform, high volume flow at low surface pressure
Suction Plates SPL POM-NBR
  • Robust main body (3) made of aluminum; low construction height with spanner flat (2) for assembly
  • Sealing ring (4) made of NBR
  • Internal support made of POM with suction openings for evenly vacuum distribution (1)
  • Diameter: 40 to 115 mm
  • Material sealing ring: NBR
  • Body made of aluminum
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