Vacuum components with integrated intelligence
Ready for the future

Industry 4.0 needs intelligent devices which communicate with each other in the factory of tomorrow - so-called smart field devices. The intelligent products of Schmalz are equipped with various communications interfaces: IO-Link, Ethernet and NFC.

Overview of intelligent features of the vacuum components

IO-Link Ethernet NFC
Transmission of static data
  • Device information
  • Serial number
  • Operating instructions
Transmission of dynamic data
  • Process parameters such as switching points, etc.
  • Process data such as energy consumption, etc.
  • Errors in plain English
Parameterization via SPS SPS App
Additional device required IO-Link Master no no

IO-Link: Integrated communication system for superordinated control

IO-Link is a point-to-point communications standard for automation technology. It permits integrated communication at all levels, from sensors and actuators through superordinated controllers (PLCs) and beyond to the control level. This interface transmits data about states, energy consumption, and processes. Detailed information about IO-Link

Ethernet: Excellent real-time capabilities thanks to PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP

Industrial Ethernet describes a series of protocols based on Ethernet as a communication medium. Industrial Ethernet systems such as PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP are designed for high real-time performance and robustness in order to satisfy the demands of industrial production. Detailed information about Ethernet

NFC: Contactless point-to-point transmission

Via NFC, data can be exchanged contactlessly over short distances. Two NFC-capable devices are connected via point-to-point contact, e.g. a mobile terminal device such as a smartphone and a Schmalz component. Process data is then displayed on the smartphone together with maintenance and service information. This interface can be used for parameterization of the component as well. Detailed information about NFC technology