Gripper construction kit PXT


  • Flexible system for the automation of various handling processes with lightweight robots
  • Modularity enables fast adaptation to new workpieces and requirements
  • Use in confined spaces thanks to low interference contours and internal vacuum guide (optional)
  • Part removal from tools and machines

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Maximum dimension

800 x 600 mm

Maximum payload

25 kg

The modular gripping system PXT gives you the flexibility you need to design optimal gripping systems for lightweight robots. You can design solutions for a wide range of handling processes with just a few standardized components. Thanks to the internal vacuum line, your solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and effectiveness. Assembly and conversion are simple, quick and require only a few tools.

Adapt flexibly

  • Modular system - adaptable and expandable at any time
  • Suitable flanges for common lightweight robots
  • Simple integration of all Schmalz components thanks to matching connection elements

Easy to handle

  • Few standard components offer a wide range of applications
  • Low interference contour due to integrable vacuum guide
  • Simple and fast assembly with only a few tools

Expand without problems

  • Multiple use thanks to high-quality components
  • Quick adaptability to changing requirements
  1. Multi-flange with connections for six types of robots
  2. Standard section
  3. Section with groove for sliding blocks
  4. Connection element for internal vacuum line and plug-in screw union
  5. Universal holder for attaching hoses and cables with cable ties
  6. Multi-connection block for connecting various components with M6 screws
  7. Fluid cross connector
  8. Single cross connector, height suitable for fluid cross connector
  9. Sealing end covers for evacuating standard sections
  10. Connection element for internal vacuum line with swiveling 1/4" suction cup connection 
  11. Sliding suction cup connection, height suitable for connections without spring plunger 
  12. Connection element for internal vacuum line with 1/4" suction cup
  13. Suction cup connection with/without spring plunger

Application in workpiece handling of semi-finished parts or logistics tasks

Handling of profiles, pipes and trusses

Use in assembly processes

Handling of free-form parts due to the possibility of three-dimensional assembly of the gripper

Simultaneous handling of several workpieces, for example for material cuts

Use for machine loading and unloading

Modular component system elements

Configuration and ordering

We offer three ordering options:

  1. Order a pre-configured gripper that is fully assembled from individual components.
  2. Order a pre-configured gripper and assemble the individual components yourself.
  3. Order the individual components that you need.