Fast Forward:
Digital Services by Schmalz

Schmalz also offers a comprehensive range of digital services to help you and get you ahead quickly. Tools such as filters, configurators, ordering aids or apps simplify your processes - regardless of which phase you are in: product design, procurement or operation.

Overview of all digital services


Filters and selection aids guide you quickly and accurately through our extensive product portfolio. With technical data as well as lists of accessories and spare parts, you will be convinced that you have chosen the right component.

Live chat and video consultation
Selection aids and configurators
Filter in the product catalogue of the online shop
Vacuum calculator

Configure & Design

Sophisticated configurators guide you step by step through the design of your individual gripping solution. You will receive a solution that is precisely tailored to your application. Design and construction has never been so easy.

Product configuration and automated gripper design


Simulate your handling process with a digital twin of our products and test the function of your plant - long before the plant is built. For example, you will obtain information about the behaviour of a suction pad in the suctioned state.

Data for digital twins and simulation models in the online shop for vacuum components


Our experts will answer your remaining questions in a live chat or via video consultation. Our online shop is supplemented by live information about your individual price and product availability.

Complete product portfolio with access to accessories and spare parts


We offer you a variety of payment methods and of course we will inform you about the status of your order. With a direct connection to your ERP system, you can integrate the Schmalz online shop into your internal procurement processes.

Order of complete article lists
Direct order and extended payment methods

Setup & Parameterization

With software and function modules, you can integrate Schmalz products even faster into your process and control system. Our tools also support you in device management and parameterisation, so that you can put your product into operation quickly.

Software modules for fast setup and integration of products
Parameterization via mobile apps


Take a look at your process. Open interfaces make device information accessible, dashboards visualize performance and possible faults. Messages are displayed in plain text, so you can wait preventively and keep your process stable.

Software products for monitoring, visualization and evaluation of process data via open interfaces and dashboards


Software-supported, you can manage information about the use and status of Schmalz solutions in your process. In addition, a digital life record provides you with information about the maintenance intervals of your vacuum lifter.

Schmalz Connect Suite for clear dashboards and easy parameterization

Digital services very practical

In short application examples, we show how you can benefit from the digital services of Schmalz.

Digital Engineering:
Configuration of an additive manufactured gripper

The designer Eva Engineer uses the intuitive configurator for lightweight grippers. With just a few clicks it uploads an STL file of your individual workpiece. She could also define simple workpieces with just a few clicks directly in the configurator.

It quickly provides additional information such as the application of the gripper, positioning of the suction pads, vacuum generation and flange connection. In parallel, the configurator calculates a CAD model of your customised gripping solution.

According to Eva's order, the lightweight gripper is manufactured additively at Schmalz, which makes it possible to meet the great variability of grippers. And: the gripper is particularly light and robust.

Digital Procurement:
Error analysis and spare parts procurement

The maintenance technician Mike Maintenance monitors his process at his control unit. His intelligent vacuum components continuously transmit energy and status data via interfaces such as IO-Link, Ethernet and NFC. An error is transmitted in plain text: Excessive energy consumption.

Mike detects a worn vacuum suction pad. In order to reduce energy consumption and to prevent impending downtimes, he orders the new vacuum suction pads conveniently from Schmalz in the online shop.

After the suction pad has been replaced on the machine, the vacuum generator again reports optimum energy consumption. The maintenance technician receives this information in the controller, on the smartphone and in the cloud. With the Schmalz Connect Suite these data are even easier to parameterize and already optimally visualized.

Schmalz Connect: Solutions for the digital factory