STF-D 60 P 6.0 F SSD

Part no.:

Dust filter (with pressure monitor)

ShapePiclon housing
Nominal flow rate360 m³/h
Filter pore size3 µm
Add. functionFilter monitoring
Additional functionHose clamps SSD
STF-D 60 P 6.0 F SSD
Attribute Value
B1 265 mm
B2 142 mm
d 8.50 mm
D 200 mm
D1 229 mm
D2 60 mm
D3 60 mm
H 253 mm
L 390 mm
L1 741 mm
L2 351 mm
X1 220 mm
Attribute Value
Connection Ø60mm
Nominal flow rate 360 m³/h
Nominal flow rate 6000 l/min
Max. vacuum -500 mbar
Filter pore size 3 µm
Weight 2.40 kg
Product family VF
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Ordering information: STF-D 60 P 6.0 F SSD

Vacuum filter VF / STF / STF-D is delivered as a ready to connect product.


Available spare parts: replacement filter cartridge
Available accessories: mounting bracket