Holder for suction cup

Connection 1Ball head 32 mm
Width B22 mm
Vacuum connectionG1/4"-F
Suction cup connectionNPT1/4-M

Configurable holder HT-SG

Have you still not found the right holder for your application? Choose between a variety of connections, suction cups and connectors and configure your own holder.

HT-SG A5 22 NPT1/4-AG
Attribute Value
B 22 mm
D 32 mm
G1 G1/4"-F
G2 NPT1/4-M
H 24.50 mm
H1 58.50 mm
L 45.50 mm
L1 82 mm
L2 67 mm
LG2 15 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 80.50 g

Ordering information: HT-SG A5 22 NPT1/4-AG

The holders for suction cups HT-SG are delivered as a ready-to-connect product.