Part no.:

Spring plunger with damping and height compensation

Suction cup connectionM3-F
Vacuum connectionM3-F
Spring stroke Z5 mm
Attribute Value
G1 M3-F
G2 M3-F
G3 M6x0.75-M
H 33.50 mm
H2 15 mm
LG1 3.80 mm
LG2 6 mm
LG3 10 mm
SW1 10 mm
SW2 4.50 mm
SW3 7 mm
Z (Stroke) 5 mm
Attribute Value
Spring rate 0.60 N/mm
Spring pretension 1.49 N
Spring force, center 2.98 N
Vertical load 550 N
Horizontal load 47 N
Weight 9 g
Operating temperature 0 ... 80 °C
Product family FSTE

Note: Spring force: Referred to 50 % of operating stroke Vertical loading: Maximum static loading Horizontal stress: The specification of the horizontal stress refers to the lower edge of the plunger with extended spring. It is a maximum static stress and it impairs the spring compression and extension in horizontal position

Ordering information: FSTE M3-IG 5

Spring plunger FSTE is delivered as a ready-to-connect product.