FST-FLEX 25 HD1 G1/2-AG G3/8-IG

Part no.:

Spring plunger with both-way damping and height compensation, heavy-duty

Spring stroke Z25 mm
Shape mounting elementsHeavy Duty 1 sp. plug
Construction useMounting section
FST-FLEX 25 HD1 G1/2-AG G3/8-IG
Attribute Value
B 75 mm
G1 G3/8"-F
G2 G1/2"-M
G3 G1/2"-M
H 167.60 mm
H1 129 mm
H2 20 mm
H3 10 mm
H4 20 mm
L 40.50 mm
L3 1.50 mm
L4 6.40 mm
LG1 14.50 mm
LG2 10.50 mm
LG3 14 mm
Z (Stroke) 25 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 1450 g
Spring rate 3.83 N/mm
Product family FST-FLEX

Ordering information: FST-FLEX 25 HD1 G1/2-AG G3/8-IG

The flexible suspension FST-FLEX (retaining plate + spring plunger) is supplied as an individual part. To receive a complete flexible suspension (retaining plate + spring plunger + connection plate + accessories), the following ordering steps are required:

  • Flexible suspension FST-FLEX (step 1) – retaining plate + spring plunger, available with different strokes and number of spring plungers
  • Connection plate FLAN-PL (step 2) – available for different area grippers


Available accessories: Flexolink (FLK), flange plate (FLAN-PL)