Complete set for connecting and integrating the CobotPump ECBPMi to lightweight robots

forUniversal Robots
containsSuction Pad
Degree of evacuation60 %
Attribute Value
Lk 130.50 mm
D 63 mm
D2 31.50 mm
D mk1 46 mm
D mk2 50 mm
G1 M4-F
G2 G1/4"-F
G4 M8-F
L 67.40 mm
L1 73.40 mm
LG1 6 mm
LG2 11.50 mm
Attribute Value
Suction rate (max.) 1.60 l/min
Degree of evacuation 60 %
Voltage DC 24V - DC
Rated power 7.20 W
Rated current 0.30 A
Electrical connection Elb fem conn M8, 8 pol
Operating temperature 0 ... 40 °C
Protection type IP IP 40
Weight 224 g
for Universal Robots

Ordering information: ROB-SET ECBPMi UR

The robot set ECBPM is delivered unassembled. The delivery consists of:

  • Electrical vacuum generator ECBPM
  • Flange plate FLAN-PL
  • Suction cup SFF / SPB1

Available accessories: electrical vacuum generator ECBPM, flange plate FLAN-PL, suction cup SFF / SPB1