Quick Change Suction Cup

Height H102 mm
Construction useQuick Change System
Dimensions (LxB)80 x 80
Material hardness [Shore A]85 Shore A
Sealing materialHigh temp material HT1

Do a changeover for your machining tool

With the SQC clamping system, you can set up your glass machining tool from Bystronic even faster.

Attribute Value
B 80 mm
H 102 mm
H1 119.80 mm
L 80 mm
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Ordering information: SQC-C-VI-80x80x102-HT1

The Schmalz Quick-Change System is not supplied assembled. The system consists of three components, which are ordered independently of each other:

  • Machine table interface: Schmalz Quick-Change Mono-Base SQC-MB with hollow screw, for permanent retention on machine table
  • Suction cup: Schmalz Quick-Change Cup SQC-C, suction surface optionally square or round
  • Cover: Schmalz Quick-Change Cover ABDK SQC 

 Available spare parts: Sealing frame, V-ring, hollow screw, pressure piece for 30° grid