• Elastomer mat for clamping flat metal or plastic workpieces with vacuum
  • For use on the Steel-Plate ISST or other adapter plates with corresponding hole pattern
  • The large number of vacuum chambers and the elastomer surface enable complex-shaped workpieces to be clamped securely, even with partial occupancy
  • Specially designed for the production of cutous and machining of the outer contour
  • FlexMat SFM easily replaceable as wear item
  • Fully compatible with Steel-Plates ISST-MPL and ISST-MPL SFM
Product Highlights
  • The modular system for use on the Matrix-Plate MPL can be retrofitted as required
  • Honeycomb structure of the suction points to increase the usable area for maximum vacuum clamping force
  • Milling at partial occupancy due to numerous vacuum chambers with integrated flow resistors
  • FlexMat optimized for production of cutouts and inexpensive and quickly replaceable in case of wear
  • Elastomer surface with special support withstands strongest lateral forces
Innospann Steel-Plate ISST-MPL and FlexMat SFM
  • Vacuum blocks ISBL made of aluminum (1) with double seal and magnetic pre-fixation on the Steel-Plate
  • Schmalz FlexMat SFM (2) for use directly on the Steel-Plate
  • Sealing magnets (3) for unused vacuum openings when used with vacuum blocks ISBL
  • Steel-Plate with vacuum openings (4)
  • Matrix-Plate MPL (5) as basic unit of the modular clamping system
  • Steel-Plate ISST and elastomer mat with honeycomb suction points for metal and plastic processing
  • Extension for the clamping system Matrix-Plate MPL
  • For the production of cutouts
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