Phase-out article
  • Hose-free vacuum clamping system for CNC machining centers with console table (single-circuit system)
  • Application primarily in processing of solid wood due to blocks optimized for use with high cutting forces
  • Specially coordinated friction materials guarantee the best possible adhesion and high precision
  • Body made of aluminium creates a strong and stiff connection between machine table and workpiece
  • Various suction areas and working heights available
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K1-HD

The product family Aluminum Vacuum Blocks VCBL-A-K1 phases out and is still available until 12-31-2023

Beginning on this date, items in this product family can no longer be ordered.
Alternate family (see picture): Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K1-HD

Product Highlights
  • Aluminum structure guarantees low-vibration connection between machine table and workpiece
  • Special friction pad for rough surfaces enables maximum cutting parameters
  • High-strength pre-fixation on the console using an additional mechanical clamp
  • Different working heights allow 5-axis machining depending on the machine
Aluminum Vacuum Blocks VCBL-A-K1
  • Sealing (1) also usable for structured surfaces
  • Sealing frame with friction pad (2) optimized for solid wood applications
  • Clamping mechanism (3) for pre-fastening to the console
  • Guide strip (4) fits all single-circuit console tables
  • Robust main body (5) made of aluminum for maximum stiffness and optimal milling results
  • 1-circuit vacuum systems
  • Vacuum block made of aluminum
  • Hose-free with mechanical pre-fixation to the console
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