Aluminium Vacuum Block in case of high machining forces

for1-circuit vacuum system
Length L120 mm
Width B50 mm
Height H125 mm
ArrangementCan be turned 360°
Attribute Value
B 50 mm
B1 116 mm
B2 60 mm
H 125 mm
H2 108.60 mm
L 120 mm
L3 128 mm
Attribute Value
Dimension suction plate bottom mm
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Ordering information: VCBL-A-K1-120x50x125-D-360

The vacuum block VCBL-A-K1 is delivered assembled. The product consists of: 

  • Top sealing frame in aluminium with friction pad and seal, available in various sizes and suction surfaces
  • Base body made of aluminium with integrated suction plate at the bottom 

Available spare parts: Sealing ring, sealing frame