Suction cup (round)

Suction cup materialNitrile rubber NBR-ESD
Material hardness [Shore A]55 Shore A
Suct. cupsBell. suct. cup f. SCG(S)
Attribute Value
Dmax(S) 25 mm
dn 15 mm
Ds 21.50 mm
G1 M20x1-F
H 22.50 mm
LG1 5 mm
Z (Stroke) 3 mm
Attribute Value
Size 20
Suction cup material Nitrile rubber NBR-ESD
Material hardness [Shore A] 55 Shore A
Weight 9.40 g
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.

Ordering information: SAUG-SCGS 20 NBR-ESD-55 B

The flow gripper SCGS is constructed in two parts. To obtain a complete gripper (flow gripper + suction cup), the following ordering steps are necessary:

  • Flow gripper (step1) – available for sideways mounting
  • Suction cup (step 2)

Available accessories: screw in push fitting