• Universal vacuum clamping system with hose connection for CNC machining centers with flat table (2-circuit system)
  • The suction cup is connected to the machine vacuum supply by two hoses
  • One vacuum line (circuit 1) supplies the bottom suction plate for fixing the suction cup to the machine table, while the second line (circuit 2) supplies the top suction plate for fixing the workpiece to the suction cup
  • Enables damage-free clamping with the highest precision and holding force
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-G-K2
  • Suction plate top (1) for fixing the workpiece
  • Robust plastic body (2)
  • Hose connections (3) for vacuum supply
  • Bottom suction plate (4) for fixing the suction cup on the console
  • 2-circuit vacuum system
  • With two hose connections
  • Pre-fixation by means of vacuum
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