• Vacuum unit with oil-lubricated vacuum pump and vacuum and liquid reservoir
  • Manual separation of cooling lubricant and rapid emptying by compressed air
  • Flexible use on different machines
  • Audible and visual system monitoring
  • Prepared for integration into the machine control of the CNC machining center
Product Highlights
  • Highest clamping force due to powerful vacuum pump with over 90% vacuum
  • Maximum safety through monitoring of operating vacuum and fill level with visual and audible warning devices incl. integration into the machine control system
  • Automatic emergency stop function protects the pump from suctioned liquids
  • Fast emptying due to compressed air connection
  • Optimum vacuum value with minimum energy consumption thanks to adjustable energy-saving function
Vacuum Units VAGG
  • Compressed air connection incl. pressure-reduction valve (1) for quick draining of the liquid reservoir via drain valve (2)
  • Vacuum connection incl. solids filter (3) to prevent dirt entering the reservoir
  • Vacuum gauge (4) for visual vacuum monitoring
  • Oil-lubricated vacuum pump (5) and electronic control (6) with main switch, energy-saving control and audible warning device
  • Vacuum and liquid reservoir (7) with wheels (8) for mobile use of the VAGG
  • Mobile vacuum generation and monitoring with interface to CNC machine
  • Manual separation and emptying of cooling lubricant
  • Suction rate 10, 21, 40, 63 m³/h
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