Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Glass

Safe and Ergonomic Handling of Glass Outdoors

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Portugal, UK, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo – inquiries for these kind of liftig devices, handles our sales partner Uplifter.


  • For safe handling of glass workpieces in outdoor areas
  • Attached to the site crane, it permits effortless lifting of loads either in a horizontal or vertical position
  • Workpieces can be aligned and installed perfectly in the facade

Product Highlights

  • Manual swiveling up to 90°
  • Careful handling of glass workpieces without damaging them
  • Easy and ergonomic operation
  • High degree of safety through two redundant vacuum circuits (according to DIN EN 13155) and integrated power failure monitor
  • High flexibility due to the modular design – easy and quick adaptation to varying glass sizes and loads
  • Operation without being connected to the electrical power supply
  • Very flat design allows to work behind racks
  • Comes in a stable wooden transport box to protect the handling device from damages

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