Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Glass 1000

Safe and Ergonomic Handling of Glass Outdoors up to 1000 kg

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The VacuMaster Glass 1000 is the ideal lifting device for safe handling of glass workpieces in outdoor areas. It is suspended from a construction site crane and enables loads of up to 1000 kg to be lifted effortlessly in both horizontal and vertical directions. The workpieces can be swivelled through 90°, rotated through 360° and fixed in 45° steps. The slewing process can be accelerated and slowed down by manual adjustment on the lowering cylinder. Due to the modular design and the easily pluggable components, the lifting device can be adapted to different workpiece dimensions. The function "vacuum on/off" can be controlled by two push buttons on the device or optionally by a radio remote control.

The VacuMaster Glass 1000 operates independently of the power supply. An LED display provides information about the charge status of the rechargeable and replaceable 12V battery.

Modular System

 (1) Removable load arm with adjustable suspension eye 

(2) Lowering cylinder with locking function for safe swivelling

(3) Suspension eye for mounting without load arm

(4) Manual turning and swivelling device

(5) Two pressure gauges to indicate the vacuum in the respective circuit

(6) Status display for the battery charge level

(7) Electronic pushbutton for vacuum on/off (optionally controlled via radio remote control)

(8) All-round handle for guiding the lifting device

(9) Removable extension arms

(10) All suction plates are easily removable or quickly adjustable for different workpiece formats

Technical Data

The VacuMaster Glass 1000 was designed for loads of up to 1000 kg (horizontally and vertically). The optimized dead weight of the lifting device is between 130 kg and 140 kg. The load capacity depends on the number of suction plates used (100 kg/suction plate)

Energy supply: battery 12 V/4 A

Battery capacity: 7 Ah

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40 °C


4 suction plates 6 suction plates 8 suction plates 10 suction plates
Max. Load capacity 400 kg 600 kg 800 kg 1000 kg
Net weight ca. 100 kg ca. 106 kg ca. 116 kg ca. 126 kg
Workpiece Minimum size 1,3 m x 1,1 m 1,3 m x 1,1 m 2,8 m x 1,4 m 2,5 m x 1,6 m
Volume per safety storage ca. 2,1 l ca. 2,1 l ca. 2,1 l ca. 2,1 l
Vacuum pump suction capacity  34 l/min 34 l/min 34 l/min 34 l/min
Max. pressure 730 mbar Vakuum 730 mbar Vakuum 730 mbar Vakuum 730 mbar Vakuum
Operating temperature 0°C to 4°C  0°C to 4°C  0°C to 4°C  0°C to 4°C 
Voltage 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC
Battery capacity 12 Ah 12 Ah 12 Ah 12 Ah
Primary power consumption 100 - 230 V = 0,23 - 0,15 A 100 - 230 V = 0,23 - 0,15 A 100 - 230 V = 0,23 - 0,15 A 100 - 230 V = 0,23 - 0,15 A

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Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Glass 1000

Radio remote control FFS

For optional control of the function "vacuum on/off" via the radio remote control.

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