Tube Lifter JumboErgo

For workpieces of many different shapes and sizes weighing up to 300 kg



  • Workpieces up to 300 kg in different formats
  • Twist grip for safe operation
  • Workpieces swivel by up to 90° (optional)

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

The twist grip on the JumboErgo is designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle. Large and heavy loads such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and solar panels can be moved gently and precisely. The length of the operator handle can be varied, which allows the user to always maintain a safe distance from the load.

Modular System

(1) Radio remote control SRC for vacuum generator (optional)

(2) Frequency control with vacuum blower SBV

(3) Twist grip for lifting, lowering and releasing the load

(4) Filter - changable without tools

(5) Suspension height can be adjusted without the load attached

(6) Quick-change adapter for vacuum grippers (optional)

Vacuum Grippers

Versatility is key: Schmalz offers the right suction cups for virtually any application. With quick-change adapter the gripper can be changed quickly and easily.

Single vacuum gripper

For compact goods such as cardboard boxes, barrels, buckets, jugs and cabinets.

Single vacuum gripper, long

For pallets, narrow cardboard boxes, beams, square tubes and other elongated workpieces.

Round vacuum gripper

For barrels, buckets or stone slabs with rough surfaces.

Sack gripper

For paper and plastic bags, raw rubber bails and shrink-wrapped packages.

Double vacuum gripper

For cardboard boxes, crates or sheets. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Double vacuum gripper FM

For pallets, sections or cut pieces where the vacuum gripper is not fully covered by the workpiece. The grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Quadruple vacuum gripper

For large cardboard boxes, sheets and non-rigid pieces. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted lengthwise and crossways.

Multiple vacuum gripper

For uneven workpieces such as foil trays or unstable cardboard boxes. The individual vacuum grippers optimally compensate for any unevenness.

Needle gripper

For air-permeable components such as soft wood fiber, rock wool, foam or insulation boards.

Mechanical grippers

Schmalz offers mechanical gripper solutions for workpieces that cannot be vacuum-gripped, such as bags or open transport boxes.

Modular system for configuring custom grippers

In addition to a large number of pre-configured grippers, the modular gripper system adds additional configurations to the Jumbo product range. You can easily configure multiple vacuum grippers that are custom tailored to the respective application.

Technical Data

The vacuum tube lifters JumboErgo and JumboSprint can be configured specifically based on the requirements of each individual application due to their modular design. The technical data varies depending on the configuration and on the vacuum gripper chosen.

The following technical data are standard values.

Type Workpiece format*
Min [mm]
Workpiece format*
Max [mm]
Operator handle
length L [mm]
Max. lifting
speed [m/min]
Max. lifting stroke
Z [mm]
H** [mm]
JumboErgo 300x200 4,000x2,000 350-1,000 60 1,700 2,850
  300x200 4,000x2,000 350-1,000 60 2,100 3,400
JumboSprint 300x200 3,000x1,000 155-500 60 1,700 2,850
  300x200 3,000x1,000 155-500 60 2,100 3,400

A lift capacity of 140 kg and higher applies: lifting stroke Z +160 mm, height H +250 mm
*Depends on the vacuum gripper chosen
**Vacuum gripper not included (total height = H + height of the vacuum gripper)

Crane Systems for Vacuum Lifters

The vacuum lifter from the product range of Schmalz are complemented by the crane systems.

The lightweight aluminum cranes and jib cranes have been adapted to the loads of the vacuum lifter. The modular design allows for easy integration of the vacuum lifter including crane system into your work environment.

Details on cranes systems and jib cranes

Blowers SBM, SBL, SBV

Electric vacuum generators for workpieces up to 300 kg. The frequency controlled blower SBV is continuously variable and its power can be adjusted to changing loads.

Ejector SEM

Compact, compressed air vacuum generator with high flow rate for workpieces weighing up to 85 kg.

Accessories for Vacuum Tube Lifters JumboErgo

Radio Remote Control SRC

Save up to 40% in energy with the push of a button

With the radio remote control SRC, you can directly switch off the vacuum generator on the operator handle when not in use and then back on again. The radio remote control is activated by a simple button push and needs no energy source due to an integrated solar cell.

Quick-Change Adapter SWA

Instantly switch vacuum gripper

The quick-change adapter SWA allows you to quickly and easily switch the vacuum gripper on your tube lifter in order to adapt to changing workpieces.

Swiveling Unit PSE

Swivel workpieces by 90°

With the push of a button, the pneumatic swiveling unit PSE allows the user to swivel workpieces weighing up to 120 kg securely and in an ergonomic fashion.

Rotation Unit DE

Continuously rotate workpieces

With the rotation unit DE, vacuum-gripped workpieces weighing up to 200 kg can be continuously rotated and positioned precisely.

Movable Operator Handle

Maximize stack heights

High stacking heights are no problem with the movable operator handle (only for JumboErgo). An optional locking mechanism allows it to be fixed at different angles.

Venting Unit BEL

Instantly release workpieces

The venting unit BEL allows non-porous workpieces to be released from the vacuum gripper and set down.

Silencer box SBB

Reduce the sound level

The silencer box SBB reduces the sound level of the vacuum generator to 65 dB(A) and protects it from outside dirt.

Dust Filter STF

Protection against dirt

The dust filter STF keeps dirt particles away from the vacuum generator and is always recommended to protect the generator. An optional differential pressure monitor with a signal lamp indicates when the dirty filter has to be changed.

Hose-Cylinder Extension SZV

Reach into deep containers

The hose-cylinder extension SZV enables ergonomic loading and unloading of containers such as lattice boxes.

Motor-Protection Switch MSS

Protection against thermal overload

With the motor-protection switch MSS the vacuum generator can be switched on/off and protected against overcurrent. It can be integrated into the Schmalz crane column without the need for complicated wiring and can be optionally locked.

Spring Balancer FZG

Spring balancer for long operator handles

The spring balancer FZG keeps the tube lifter JumboErgo balanced and is recommended if the operator handle is longer than 750 mm.

Protective Tube and Retaining Net

Protection against wear

The protective tube prevents mechanical damage to the lift tube and is easy to clean. The retaining net protects the vacuum grippers and the lift tube when the tube lifter is not in use and allows for space-saving storage.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

Our media library takes you to application examples from your industry in just a few clicks - user-friendly, informative and practical.

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