Area Gripping Systems FMHD

Robust gripping system with integrated reservoir for external vacuum generation


  • For the efficient handling of sawn timber, planed and glued products, plate products, construction timber, pallets and box elements
  • Handling naturally grown material with knotholes, cracks and heavily twisted, rough surfaces
  • Ideal for the rough application conditions in sawmills or in woodworking and furniture construction
  • Can be used for layer-wise unstacking and relocation of workpieces

We would be happy to help you design your gripper system. From the project planning and design stages all the way through to the day your product starts operation - we will be with you all the way.

Product Inquiry

The area gripping system FMHD can be integrated into systems quickly and efficiently and is equipped with a connection for external vacuum generation. Due to its integrated vacuum reservoir and robust, easy-to-maintain design, this gripper is particularly well suited to performing handling tasks under demanding environmental conditions. In addition, these grippers are ideal for operation with industrial robots and gantries due to their low weight and compact dimensions.


  • Aluminum basic profile (1) with integrated vacuum storage for high rigidity with low dead weight
  • Hose connection and separating cylinder (2); connection of external vacuum generators
  • End cover (3) with control valves for separating cylinder and blow-off function
  • Valve profile (4) with integrated missile valves
  • Optional third row of suction holes enables handling of narrow workpieces from 35 mm width in sawmill environment

Basic variant of FMHD series

Type Description
FMHD Area gripping system with external vacuum generation
Width of the suction surface: 170 mm
FMHD-250 Area gripping system with external vacuum generation
Width of the suction surface: 250 mm
FMHD-3R22 Large-area gripping system with third row of suction holes for handling workpieces with a width of 35 mm or more

Compatibility of the basic variants

  FMHD (L < 2506 mm) FMHD (L=2506-3500) FMHD-250 FMHD-3R22
FMHD compatible compatible compatible compatible
FMHD-250 compatible not compatible   not compatible
FMHD-3R22 compatible not compatible not compatible  

Especially easy to service

The foldable quick-change suction plate permits quick and easy maintenance of the gripper. In addition, a compact cylinder unit, a new clip-on valve film, and the quick-change foam enable highly optimized maintenance procedures.

Suction plate with a width of 250 mm for increased load

More holding power

Outstanding holding force for heavily porous and twisted workpieces thanks to integrated vacuum reservoir

Minimal maintenance work

Maintenance cost reduced by up to 70% through three-piece profile design

Unique flexibility

Handling of workpieces from 35 mm width, regardless of geometry, surface and position

High energy efficiency

Sustainable reduction of operating costs through flow optimization and more efficient use of energy

Low weight

Maximum acceleration within the process and reduced system costs through use of smaller robots

Integration of functions

High functional safety and minimized installation costs due to integrated vacuum and depositing valve

Ordering Guide for the FMHD

We always produce our gripping systems FMHD to fit the customer’s application. The table below lets you determine the product key for your gripper yourself. Please send us the product key afterwards using the inquiry form.

Sample Product Key:


1 2 3 (12) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
FMHD CV1 1260 (250) 2R28 O20 C155L P A6L 126 V1 CA1

Product key selection aid:


Field Meaning Available designs Value in the example
1 Abbreviated gripper type designation


FMHD- 250 (excess width 250 mm)

2 Valve technology CV1, CV2 ball check valve CV1
3 Length (total) From 350 mm to 3500 mm in a 14 mm grid [in mm] 1260
12 Width Standard suction plate FMHD with 170 mm (Field 12 is omitted in the order code)
Width suction plate FMHD-250 with 250 mm
4 Grid 2R28 - Two rows with valve spacing 28mm
3R22 - Three rows with valve spacing 22mm
5 Foam type O10O10 – Material O10O10
O20 – Material O20
O10O10S05 – Material O10O10S05
O10O10F – Material O10O10F
6 Cylinder position Distance from left gripper edge to the center of the cylinder [in mm] Left; 155 mm (C155L)
7 Switch function P – PNP switching P
8 Connector S60 – straight, 60 mm Ø
A60L – angle 60 mm Ø, left
A60R - angle 60 mm Ø, right
A60F - angle 60 mm Ø, front
A60B - angle 60 mm Ø, rear
COV - with cover plate
OPE - open
9 Position of connector Distance from left gripper edge to the center of the support [in mm] 126
10 Vacuum display V1 – gauge VAM 40 V U
V2 – vacuum switch VSi
Pressure gauge (V1)
11 Compressed air connection CA1 – plug-in nipple 7.2
CA2 – plug-in screw union 12
Plug-in nipple 7.2 (CA1)

The design data given refer to exemplary configured large-area suction pads with the following order code:

FMHD: FMHD CV1 1050 2R28 O20 C152R P S60 126 V1 CA1

FMHD-250: FMHD CV1 1050 250 2R28 O20 C138L P S60 126 V1 CA1

FMHD-3R22: FMHD CV2 1050 3R22 O20 C152L P S60 126V1 CA1

Attribute FMHD FMHD-250 FMHD-3R22
B 170 250 170
B14 191,3 250 191,3
B25 175,5 175,5 175,5
B3 168 250 168
D 60 60 60
H 111,6 111,6 111,6
H11 158,6 163,6 158,6
H22 20 20 20
L (variable) 1050 1050 1050
L13 (variable) 1057,8 1057,8 1057,8
L2 (variable) 126 126 126
L3 (variable) 152 138 152
L4 (foam) 1004 1004 1004
Y1 120 120 120
ZA (grid) 28 28 22


1 depending on the hose connection used
2 depending on the foam used
3 Use of analog pressure gauge
4 is always the largest dimension of the product
5 width of the quick change profile

Type Temperature range [°C] Operating pressure range [bar] Electr. connection
  5 ... 40 6,0 ... 8,0 M12, 5-Pin
FMHD-250 5 ... 40 6,0 ... 8,0 M12, 4-Pin
FMHD-3R22 5 ... 40 6,0 ... 8,0 M12, 5-Pin


Exemplary technical data

Type Sealing material Required volume flow
Suction force[N]* Number of suction cells Weight[kg]
FMHD FMHD-CV1-1050-2R28-O20 foam, 20 mm 315 2.430 70 17
FMHD-CV1-1260-2R28-O20 foam, 20 mm 380 2.870 85 20
FMHD-250 FMHD-CV1-1050x250-2R28-O20 foam, 20 mm 315 3.500 70 23
FMHD-CV1-1260x250-2R28-O20 foam, 20 mm 380 4.200 85 26
FMHD-3R22 FMHD-CV2-1050-3R22-O20 foam, 20 mm 315 1.870 132 17
FMHD-CV2-1260-3R22-O20 foam, 20 mm 378 2.210 161 20


*Values determined in practice when handling a typical workpiece (wooden board with structured surface, gripper fully covered by the workpiece, -0.3 bar system vacuum, without safety factor). They represent orientation values for a rough design. For detailed system design, it is always recommended to carry out suction tests with the original workpiece.
**The external vacuum generator used must provide at least the specified suction volume (at the vacuum connection piece of the FMHD-250) at a vacuum of -0.3 bar.