Quick-Change Robot Bayonets SXT-QC-CON

  • Quick change bayonet connection to robot interface for connection of pipe tooling gripper
  • For highly dynamic processes with maximum output in the automotive industry in press shops and car body construction
  • Can be used in existing plants thanks to simple integration with the appropriate pipe clamps
Product Highlights
  • High-strength bayonet connection for highly dynamic processes
  • Compatible with common tooling systems with pipe diameter 40 or 60 mm
  • Flexible, space-saving solution for various applications with pneumatic media feed-through
Quick-Change Robot Bayonets SXT-QC-CON
  • Manually locked / unlocked bayonet connection (1)
  • Flange (2) for connection to the robot interface
  • Connection for tooling (3) with a pipe diameter of 40 and 60 mm
  • With 3, 6 or without pneumatic media feed-through (4)
  • Manually locked bayonet connection
  • Pipe diameter of 40 and 60 mm
  • With or without pneumatic media feed-through
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