• Use in processes with high volume flow requirements and simultaneously optimized energy consumption
  • Compact ejector with highest suction rate for handling cardboard, packaging materials and other porous materials
  • Optional switchable air-saving regulation enables efficient handling even of airtight materials such as glass or sheet metal blanks
  • Use in large vacuum systems with partial occupancy to compensate for leakage flows
  • Use in combination with large-area gripping systems and suction traverses for evacuation of large volumes
Product Highlights
  • High suction rate for process-reliable and flexible handling of a wide variety of workpieces
  • Integrated valve technology and vacuum monitoring saves effort and costs for external solutions to control the vacuum system
  • Central control via the integrated M12 connector enables simple start of operations and saves time
  • Easy adaptation of the vacuum system to changing process requirements due to modular expansion options of the compact ejector
  • Use of multi-stage nozzles enables efficient vacuum generation and saves compressed air costs
Compact Ejectors SCPLb / SCPLc
  • Main body and nozzle system made of extremely robust plastics (1)
  • Pneumatic connectors for compressed air (2), vacuum (3) and exhaust air/silencer (4)
  • Electric connector (5) for controlling the integrated valves and the vacuum switch (only SCPLc)
  • Control cover (6) with integrated LEDs or LED display (SCPLc only)
  • Suction rate: 290 l/min to 1,140 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 60 or 90%
  • Main body made of plastics
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