Compact terminal SCTM

Intelligence and variability packed into the smallest of spaces



  • Compact terminal for handling airtight workpieces such as display glass, plastic parts, printed-circuit boards (PCB), electronic parts or batteries
  • For use in pick-and-place applications with extremely short cycle times and minimal space requirements, e.g. SMD machines
  • Fully automated handling applications with zero downtime thanks to intelligent condition monitoring


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The new SCTM compact terminals from Schmalz are suitable for a wide range of vacuum generator applications. They comprise up to 16 block-mounted SCPM compact ejectors – some of the smallest and most powerful ejectors on the market – put together to make a terminal. The “i” model also offers a wide range of monitoring and control functions for your entire production process – and for use in digital factories.


Wide range of functions in minimal space


  • Three basic versions – SCPMb, SCPMc, SCPMi
  • Low interference contour when installed
  • Maximum suction capacity


Can be used to control multiple vacuum circuits


  • Set up and control up to 16 individual vacuum circuits
  • Central compressed air connection
  • Individual or central exhaust air collection


Custom-designed for your application


  • Electrically block-mounted as SCTMc-MP with sub-D, multipole connector with up to 7 ejectors
  • External blow-off function “EB” or external vacuum supply “EV”

Terminal with external vacuum supply

  • Operation with external vacuum supply (e.g. one central vacuum pump)
  • The central vacuum can be split into 16 separate circuits
  • Suitable for use as a valve with IO-Link function and condition monitoring
  • Pneumatic piloting for fast switching cycles

SCTM configuration

The modular design of the SCTM compact terminal allows for individual configuration. Up to 16 individual ejectors can be block-mounted to form a terminal, depending on the individual user’s requirements. Two block mounting variants are available: The SCTMb, SCTMc and SCTMi variants with pneumatic block mounting, and the SCTMc-MP variant with pneumatic and electric block mounting (terminal with SCPMc ejectors and sub-D plugs).

When selecting your terminal, please note that it is not possible to combine different types. As such, your terminal can only contain either SCPMb, SCPMc or SCPMi type compact ejectors. Within each individual compact terminal, you can choose from a range of nozzle technologies/sizes, connectors and idle positions for the suction valve.

Our experienced specialists can assist you with the design of your terminal. Find the right contact person.  Local contact person

Sample configuration


Main body with SCPMi compact ejectors (intelligent, IO-Link), pneumatic block mounting

8-AA -

8 SCPMi type configured ejectors


Each comprising 4 ejectors with different product features, e.g. nozzle technology/size and connector

Further options:

Collection silencer

for noise reduction

(both sides)

Collective exhaust air ducting

connection left

(from the point of view of the vacuum connection)

connection right

(from the point of view of the vacuum connection)

connection on both sides


Technical data

Type Operating temperature [°C] Pressure range (operating pressure)[bar] Block mounting
SCTMb, SCTMc, SCTMi 0...50 3...6 Pneumatic
SCTMc-MP 0...50 3...6 Pneumatic and electrical

Type Degree of evacuation [%] Suction rate (max.) [l/min.]* Air consumption for suction [l/min.] Air consumption for blow off [l/min.] Sound pressure level w/o suction [dB(A)]* Sound pressure level w/ suction [dB(A)] Rec. internal hose diameter [mm]**
SCPM 03 87 2.2 3.5 10 51 42 2
SCPM 05 87 7.5 9.0 10 66 55 2
SCPM 07 87 15.0 22.0 10 70 70 2
SCPM 10 87 28.0 45.0 10 71 72 4
SCPM EV - 33.0*** - 10 - - 4

* At optimum operating pressure (SCPM 03/05/07: 4 bar; SCPM 10: 4.5 bar)
** For max. length of 2 m
*** The maximum volume flow rate for the EV variant is based on a differential pressure of 600 mbar at the valve. We recommend using a suction capacity of 7 m³/h against atmospheric pressure for the vacuum generator during operation.