• Electrical vacuum generator for compressed air free manufacturing and assembly
  • Flexible use in vacuum automation as well as in mobile robotics with autonomous transport systems (AGV) and robots (AMR)
  • Handling of both suction-tight and porous workpieces thanks to high suction capacity and quick ventilation function
  • Intelligent vacuum control for gentle handling of delicate workpieces such as thin sheets or glass
Product Highlights
  • Ideal for decentralized installation in automation systems for the realization of fast handling processes
  • Cost savings through energy-efficient, all-electric vacuum generation and ventilation via 24 V technology
  • Integrated control unit for controlling external components and monitoring the entire vacuum system
  • IO-Link and NFC interfaces allow fast and cost-effective commissioning
  • Setting of the most important process parameters via user-friendly touch display
Electrical Compact Pump GCPi
  • User-friendly LCD touch display (1) for setting the most important process parameters
  • Vacuum unit in compact plastic housing (2)
  • Vacuum connection G1/4"-F (3)
  • Silencer (4) for reducing the sound level
  • Electrical interfaces M12-5 (5)
  • Mounting lugs (6) for installation
  • Suction rate: 46 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 80 %
  • Voltage: 24 V-DC
  • Power: 55 W
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