• Pneumatic vacuum generator for end-of-arm (EoA) use on lightweight robots, cobots and conventional 6-axis robots
  • Handling of absorbent or porous workpieces such as cardboard packaging or uneven workpieces
  • Pick-and-place tasks, machine loading and unloading, picking and packing
  • Range of applications from production and assembly to warehouse logistics and shipping
  • Use in processes with requirements for short cycle and evacuation times
Product Highlights
  • Powerful vacuum generation for short cycle times and high leakage compensation
  • Assembly directly end-of-arm on the robot with low height limitation
  • Direct and simple mechanical as well as electric robot connection
  • Adjustable gripping system PXR with different versions for process-safe gripping of various workpieces
Pneumatic Vacuum Generators RECBi
  • Connection suitable for all most lightweight robots and small industrial robots (1)
  • Integrated Eco nozzle technology (2) with easily accessible nozzle and valve technology
  • Predefined assemblies with different grippers (3) or universal connecting plate
  • Suction rate up to 52.5 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Lift capacity up to 25 kg
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