Bellows Suction Cups FSG SI-MD (2.5 Folds)

  • Special material for use in processes utilizing metal detectors or cameras, e.g. the food industry
  • Handling food products such as bread, pizza or baked goods on discharge conveyors
  • Handling at temperatures up to +180 °C
  • Use in food industry processes requiring metal-detectable suction cups
Product Highlights
  • Metal detectable bellows suction cup made of silicone SI-MD for safe handling in the food industry
  • FDA and BfR compliant and temperature resistant from -30 °C to +180 °C
Bellows Suction Cups FSG SI-MD (2.5 Folds)
  • Suction cups made of special metal detectable material SI-MD (2)
  • Suction cup connector pluggable via (SA-NIP) connector (1)
  • Suction cup and connector can be ordered separately (3)
  • Diameter: 9 to 52 mm
  • Material: SI-MD
  • Metal detectable material
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