• Round bellows suction cup with 2.5 folds for dynamical handling of pouches and other types of very flexible packaging
  • Process reliable gripping and handling of pouches containing fluids, solids or powder and packaging that is not very full
  • Stable in extremely quick packaging processes, particularly in conjunction with delta robots (case packer and pick-and-place applications)
Product Highlights
  • FDA compliant silicone SI allows direct food contact
  • Integrated bag stabilizer prevents even thin and soft films from being sucked in
  • Reinforced main body with 2.5 folds for secure gripping and stability even at high speeds
  • Large nominal diameter enables high flow rates for short cycle times
Bellows Suction Cups SPB2f (2.5 Folds)
  • Bellows suction cup SPB2f with 2.5 folds (3) and a gentle and flexible sealing lip with segmented flow vanes and integrated bag stabilizer
  • Very large shaft diameter for high volume flow rates
  • Specially reinforced suction bellows for additional stability
  • Mounting via connection element SC (1); alternatively direct attachment on 3/8”- or 1/2” pipe (4) on the machine side and mounting with a hose clamp
  • All connection elements SC with male threads come equipped with an integrated sealing ring
  • Optional insert filter for pre-filter (2)
  • Diameter: 15 to 50 mm
  • Material: SI (use in the food industry)
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