• Use in systems with central vacuum generation for control and regulation of one or more suction circuits
  • Application in combination with electric vacuum generators for setting up all-electric systems
  • Realization of a process monitoring of vacuum systems directly at the gripper
  • Use in handling processes with fast suction and discharge times
Product Highlights
  • Direct-acting 3/2-way valve in compact design allows decentralized installation directly on the gripper for extremely fast evacuation and ventilation times
  • Intelligent vacuum switch enables easy monitoring and control of the gripping process and increases system availability
  • Design as a compact valve with integrated vacuum switch reduces the number of components required and saves time during connection and startup
  • Optimized flow cross-sections enable fast and reliable, purely electrical depositing of gripped workpieces without compressed air and reduce operating costs
  • Design as bistable valve with end position fixing and additional check valve increases process reliability even in the event of power failure
Compact Valves LQEc / LQEi
  • Compact main body (1) made of plastic with integrated control module
  • Display foil with LED indicator (2)
  • Electric connection M12, 5-pole connector (3), optionally as variant with digital switching inputs and outputs or with IO-Link control
  • Direct-acting valve unit (4) with atmospheric vent and integrated filter screen (5)
  • Vacuum connections for external vacuum generator (6) and to the gripper (7)
  • Mounting holes (8) to accommodate the compact valve
  • Nominal size: 8 mm
  • Nominal flow: 240 l/min
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Main body made of plastic
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