• Application in vacuum systems for controlling the gripping and depositing of workpieces
  • Use in combination with central electrical vacuum generators
  • Use in combination with (compact) ejectors
  • Compact design enables use in systems with confined space conditions
Product Highlights
  • Valve with automatic internal blow off for reduced wiring effort
  • Integrated valve and sensor functionalities for fast start of operations
  • Intelligent valves for monitoring evacuation time and leakage in vacuum systems
Mini Compact Valves SCPM EV
  • Minimal footprint thanks to compact main body made from high-strength plastics with individual control module (7)
  • 3-digit display with two-button operation and electrical connection M8, 6-pin plug (6)
  • Pneumatic valves optionally integrated (6) or directly mounted (5) for switching function NO or NC
  • Screw for adjusting blow off function (4)
  • Compressed air connection (1) for pilot control and vacuum connection (2)
  • Connection for external vacuum supply "EV" (1A)
  • Nominal flow: 2 m³/h (33 l/min)
  • Main body made of plastic
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