MATCH End-of-Arm-Ecosystem

Any Robot, any Gripper, one Smart System.

MATCH is the appropriate name for the new multifunctional end-of-arm platform for robotics from the two handling specialists Schmalz and Zimmer Group. Equipped with an extensive function portfolio and universal communication interfaces, MATCH is compatible with any lightweight robot, cobot and with all conventional 6-axis robots on the market.

With the new MATCH platform, Schmalz and the Zimmer Group bring together the best of two gripping worlds. And this has resulted in something unique: a modular system with which customers can flexibly implement a wide variety of requirements and applications in robotics. Furthermore, in addition to their concentrated solution expertise, both companies offer a worldwide sales network for support and service.



Standardized connection and communication

Suitable for any common lightweight robot - a system ideal for cobots and conventional 6-axis robots.

Simple installation

Mechanical connection by means of quick coupler and parameterization via setup wizard.

Flexible and future-proof

Any Robot, any Gripper, any End Effector. High flexibility due to extensive portfolio.

Full process control

Capture, evaluate and visualize value-added data including cloud connection.


Whether mobile and collaborative robotics or fully automated applications: With just one flexible system, users open up an almost unlimited range of applications from production and assembly to warehouse logistics and shipping. Typical tasks include pick & place, machine loading and unloading, order picking and packaging.

Various mechanical and vacuum grippers are available to match the workpiece and the handling task. If the requirements change, the system can be adapted quickly and easily.

1,000 Workpieces, 100 Applications, 10 Challenges

Watch the recording of our keynote at HANNOVER MESSE 2021 Digital Edition.

Learn how Schmalz and Zimmer Group respond to current developments in robotics. The new End-of-Arm Ecosystem MATCH offers automatic tool change, future-proof interfaces and much more.

The MATCH portfolio opens up countless application possibilities in all industries. No matter which modular solution you choose, we promise: It's a MATCH. Smooth interaction between robot and gripper is guaranteed by the smart connection concept.

The installation of MATCH is extremely simple. The system can be conveniently mounted and set up on the robot flange in just a few steps. Thanks to the support of the common ecosystem with a smart communication module and useful digital services, parameterization is easy from control (Expert Mode, Guided Setup, Monitor of Device, and Comfort app) to cloud connection via the Schmalz Connect Suite intuitively and easily.

The compact quick-change module allows components to be changed quickly and easily in two ways. In addition to an automated change in a storage station or the so-called gripper station, a manual change is also possible within seconds. Thanks to the ergonomic click system – integrated on the end effector to be changed – a manual change is possible with only one hand and thus prevents the exchange module from falling down.


The quick-change system is hot-plug capable and can be changed under voltage during operation. The integrated pin field transmits both load and signal current.

Pneumatics / Vacuum

Four internal and two lateral fluid channels supply connected gripping systems with compressed air or vacuum. The generous dimensioning enables the operation of powerful pneumatic vacuum generators, for example to handle cardboard boxes that suck through.


The high manufacturing guarantees a long service life (> 100,000 cycles). An anti-rotation device ensures a clearly defined position of the loose part relative to the fixed part and a clearly defined orientation of the end effector in the deposit station.

  • Load capacity up to 25 kg
  • Integrated media feed-through (fluidics and electrics)
  • Long service life with >100,000 replacement cycles (hot-plug)
  • Compact design
  • Cobot-suitable design in consideration of ISO TS 15066

The MATCH Portfolio

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