Vacuum block for smooth table with 2 hose connections

Dimensions (LxB)Diameter 120 mm
Height H81.5 mm
Hose diameter (empf.) d6 mm
Sealing materialHigh temp material HT1
VCBL-GLx81.5 120
Attribute Value
B1 24 mm
d 8 mm
D 120 mm
Dmax(S) 128 mm
Ds 120 mm
H 81.50 mm
H1 88 mm
H2 22.50 mm
H3 27.50 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 0.80 kg
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.

Ordering information: VCBL-GLx81.5 120

The vacuum block VCBL-GL is supplied as a ready-to-connect component.


Available spare parts: Sealing ring

Available accessories: Hose, valve, screw in push fitting