Vacuum Technology for Nacelle Production

In nacelle production, vacuum technology is used for tasks such as removing the nacelles from the transport rack or positioning them for final assembly. The nacelle cladding weighs up to 4,000 kilograms and is made of complex structures which the suction cups must flexibly adapt to.

Schmalz’ extensive range of suction cups offers the right solution for any application. The suction cups are mounted on gimbals or spring-mounted to suspend them from the lifting device. Redundant vacuum systems, large vacuum reservoirs and additional mechanical safeguards ensure maximum safety. In addition, individual devices allow precise positioning of the components.

Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Rotating and swiveling the cladding
Individual components are swiveled or rotated to bring them into their final positions during the final assembly of nacelles. Side panels are swiveled up to 90°, while some roofing elements are rotated 180°. Vacuum lifting devices from Schmalz can be equipped with an electrical swiveling unit to position the components safely and gently.

Safe handling of workpieces weighing several tons
The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster has one or two vacuum circuits, a large vacuum reservoir and an additional mechanical safeguard such as cloth retaining straps or mechanical safety clamps. With these features, the lifting device ensures maximum process reliability during nacelle production.

Flexible vacuum modules that can be switched off individually
The suction cups of the vacuum lifting device flexibly adapt to different component shapes and surfaces using suspension that is spring-mounted or mounted on gimbals. Schmalz’ extensive product range offers the right suction cup for every surface. The suction cups can easily be switched on and off using the manual slide valves, allowing the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster to be adapted to different components.

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