Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex Picker

The mobile picking solution for packages up to 40 kg

The unique ergonomics and safety of the Schmalz vacuum tube lifters are now also available for mobile use. The JumboFlex Picker can be transported with any standard industrial truck and is thus the ideal picking solution for packages weighing up to 40 kg - regardless of the location.


Picking of mixed pallets from unmixed pallets for onward transport
De-stacking of pallets for distribution to different storage locations or further processing locations
Suitable as an internal goods distribution solution
Optimal for use with block or ground storage
Ergonomics to go – use of a mobile tube lifter in "picker-to-part" logistics processes
Ergonomic handling with the tube lifter JumboFlex 40 and responsive articulated arm jib
Simple and fast application due to partly automated processes and intuitive operation
Safe use due to innovative jib and ground support
High availability due to powerful battery and easy maintenance
  1. Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex with 40 kg load capacity and approx. 1,300 mm stroke.
  2. Height-adjustable column to increase the maximum gripping height up to 1,800 mm.
  3. Smooth-running knuckle boom crane with 360° radius of action and approx. 1,600 mm length
  4. Fixed element for extending the kick arm by approx. 1,500 mm in length
  5. Visibility-optimized basic module with control technology and vacuum generation
  6. Powerful 24V battery with easy replacement option
  7. Integrated touch display for system control
  8. Colored LED band for status display and additional acoustic warning in case of danger
  9. Forks for one or two pallets in different versions (EPAL/GMA)

The clearly arranged touch display with soft keys enables simple and intuitive operation.

The support feet extend automatically after the boom is unlocked, minimizing cycle times.

The tube lifter is started at the push of a button. It can be combined with many quick-change grippers.

A status LED provides clearly visible information on the current operating status.

A magnetic switch fixes the boom in a safe parking position during travel.

The large-capacity battery can be charged in the machine and is also easy to change for multi-shift operation.

Ergonomics on board: Integrated solutions of the JumboFlex Picker
Are you looking for a way to integrate a tube lifter directly into your industrial truck? Schmalz also offers various versions of the JumboFlex Picker as a solution for vehicle integration. In this case, the tube lifter is mechanically and electrically connected to the industrial truck and uses the vehicle's energy supply.