Schmalz Sets of Tests

Set of Tests For The Packaging Industry

Identify the appropriate components for your application in just a few steps.

Modern production processes make ever-increasing demands on vacuum suction heads. Especially during handling tasks in the packaging industry, the handling of various packaging materials - such as carton boxes of varying sizes and weights, blister packs or foils - needs special requirements.

With the new set of tests "Suction Cups for the Packaging Industry", you receive the appropriate tool to shorten the effort for identification of the correct vacuum suction cup and generator to a few minutes. Access all components necessary for the suction test:

  • Identify the suction cup appropriate for your application from more than 80 vacuum suction cups in different geometric shapes and materials.
  • Create a vacuum with three ejectors with different suction capacity directly through a compressed air connection.
  • Complete your test with a vacuum manometer to -1 bar, a vacuum hose made from polyurethane, as well as various connectors.

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Test Set Packaging

Starter Set For Vacuum End Effectors

Until now, a custom-manufactured gripper for each format was used on packaging machines. Now, with Schmalz system modules, vacuum end effectors can be configured flexibly: the user can assemble end effectors from a range of different flanges, connection elements and suction cups, and these can then be quickly modified when required.

With the VEE starter set, you can instantly configure vacuum end effectors for the fastest possible packaging processes.

More about End Effectors VEE

Contents of the VEE starter set:


  • 120-piece starter set with all components for installing up to two VEE vacuum end effectors
  • Eight SPB4-30 vacuum suction cups for bags and other non-rigid types of packaging
  • Quick-change coupler with bayonet fastener
  • Supplied in a sturdy plastic case with detailed assembly instructions

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VEE Starter Set

Set of Tests for Additional Industries

Of course, for other industries we will also assemble a set of tests specifically equipped for you, so that you can test our products in all Areas.

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Testing at Your Site

We will gladly support you personally at your factory. Together we identify the appropriate components for your application.

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Training Sets

Our program also includes the Schmalz training sets, which you can use to train your staff members yourself in vacuum technology. You can find these under the heading "Training Materials".

Vacuum calculator

The Schmalz vacuum calculator allows you to convert system sizes and to make calculations for the design of vacuum systems quickly and easily. The free program is available for you to download from our website.