Holder System for Tooling HT


Flexibly adjustable lightweight holder system for highly dynamic processes in the automotive industry
Holder for mounting various Schmalz vacuum components on tooling beams in the press shop and body shop
Assembly of vacuum suction cups, spring plungers or cylindrical sensors
Holder HT-SG E for combining vacuum suction cups and decentralized vacuum generation with Schmalz ejector SEAC 10
Holder HT-SG I with integrated vacuum generation as a compact, easy-to-maintain unit
Modular system
Simple and fast holder configuration according to customer-specific requirements with G, M and NPT threads
For highest dynamics
Up to 45 % lighter compared to other automotive holder systems
Slim and easy-to-maintain design
Avoidance of interfering contours through function integration
Flexible use in automotive engineering
Suitable for all common tooling and quick-change systems for press shops and car body construction

(1) Plug-in screw unions for vacuum hoses and compressed air hoses

(2) Vacuum switch VSi-HD with matching holder

(3) Holder for suction cup HT-SG... in slim design

(4) Holder for suction cup HT-SG...E... for decentralized vacuum generators SEAC (mounted on top)

(5) Holder for suction cup HT-SG...I with integrated vacuum nozzle

(6) Holder for spring plunger HT-FST...

(7) Holder for sensor HT-SE...

(8) Holder for sensor HT-SE-U... Universal holder for sensors diameter 12 mm and 18 mm

(9) Spring plungers e.g. FSTE-HDB

(10) Suction cups e.g. SAX

(11) Decentralized vacuum generators e.g. SEAC

(12) Connection to tooling beams

for holder types HT-SG..., HT-FST..., HT-SE...

A3 - Ball diameter 28.5 mm

A5 - Ball diameter 32 mm

A2 - "Apple-core" pin diameter 19 mm

Ordering information

The modular HT system provides two different holder solutions to suit differing requirements.

  • An individual holder suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • A custom-configured assembly

For custom configurations, please contact your system consultant for vacuum automation.

Combination with a wide variety of vacuum components from Schmalz

Selected parts of the following product families (selection) may be used in connection with the holder system HT.


Type Vacuum generation options Combination options
    Vacuum suction cup Spring plunger Vacuum switch Screw union
HT-SG Central with compact ejector or vacuum pump
HT-SG E Decentralized with Schmalz ejector SEAC 10
HT-SG I Decentralized with integrated vacuum nozzle
HT-FST Central with compact ejector or vacuum pump


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