Swivel arm with extension to connect vacuum components with pipe toolings

Phase-out article
External diameter D25 mm
Internal diameter d32 mm
Length L3260.1 mm
Connection 1Ball head 32 mm

The product family SXT-CL-EXT-A5-260-M25 phases out and is still available until 05-10-2021

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered.
Alternative item (see picture): SXT-CL-EXT-A5-260-T25

Attribute Value
B 25 mm
D 25 mm
d 32 mm
H 57 mm
H2 23.50 mm
L 287.10 mm
L2 225 mm
L3 260.10 mm
Attribute Value
Material Aluminum
Shape Male
Weight 460 g

Ordering information: SXT-CL-EXT-A5-260-M25

Clamps with extension SXT-CL-EXT are delivered as a ready-to-connect product.