Flat suction cup (round) made of handling of workpieces

Suction cup materialSilicone SI-HD
Material hardness [Shore A]65 Shore A
BCG 40 SI-HD-65 SC095

The product family FLSA 40 SI-HD-65 phases out and is still available until 03-31-2024

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered.
Alternative item (see picture): BCG 40 SI-HD-65 SC095

FLSA 40 SI-HD-65
Attribute Value
d2 23 mm
Dmax(S) 41.50 mm
Ds 40.50 mm
H 18.50 mm
Z (Stroke) 3.70 mm
Attribute Value
Suction cup material Silicone SI-HD
Material hardness [Shore A] 65 Shore A

Ordering information: FLSA 40 SI-HD-65