Suction Cups for Flow Grippers SFG

  • Modular, compact gripper for handling dry food even with high leakage
  • Contact element made of FDA compliant material for direct contact with dry food
  • Handling of sensitive food products with minimal surface pressure
  • Handling of e.g. waffles or cookies with highly structured surfaces
  • Complete gripper in hygienic design made of food safe materials
Product Highlights
  • Food-safe materials enable handling of bakery goods and sweets
  • Compact and lightweight design with high suction capacity for highly dynamic processes
  • Effective damping and sealing of structured workpieces during placement thanks to soft, flexible sealing lip
  • Suction area made of POM with closely positioned suction openings for gentle handling
  • Easy cleaning due to hygienic design
  • Suction cup connector made from POM (FDA compliant) or aluminum
  • Suction cups (Ø 20-50 mm) made of silicone (SI-HD / SI-MD) (FDA compliant)
  • Suction area made of POM (Ø 60 mm)
  • Large shaft diameter for high flow rates
  • Diameter suction area: 60 mm, suction cup: 20 mm to 50 mm
  • Suction areas made of FDA compliant POM
  • Suction cups made of silicone (SI-HD / SI-MD) (FDA compliant)
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