High-Speed bell shaped suction cup for (oval) very dynamic handling of smooth and oily workpieces

Suction cup materialElastodur
Material hardness [Shore A]85 Shore A
Nipple materialAluminum
Add. functionFriction Disc
SAOXM 100x40 ED-85 M10-AG
Attribute Value
Bmax(S) 51 mm
Bs 41.60 mm
dn 4.10 mm
G1 M10-M
H 37.70 mm
LG1 8 mm
Lmax(S) 109 mm
Ls 101.80 mm
SW1 16 mm
SW2 4 mm
SW3 6 mm
Z (Stroke) 7.30 mm
Attribute Value
Suction force (-600mbar) 173 N
Lateral force 135 N
Lateral force (oily surface) 156 N
Volume 24 cm³
Curve radius (min) (convex) 32 mm
Hose diameter (empf.) d 6 mm
Dimensions (LxB) 100 x 40
Suction cup material Elastodur
Material hardness [Shore A] 85 Shore A
Weight 65.40 g
Product family SAOXM

Ordering information: SAOXM 100x40 ED-85 M10-AG

Bell-shaped suction cup SAOXM (elastomer part with insert including friction disc + connection element) is delivered assembled.The assembly consists of:

  • Bell-shaped suction cup of type SAOXM – elastomer part, available in various dimensions
  • Insert – including moulded friction disc
  • Connector upper part – available with various threads
  • Connector lower part


Available spare parts: suction cup SAOXM, Schmalz-Connector-Insert, Schmalz-Connector upper part (Schmalz-Connector-Adapter), Schmalz-Connector lower part (Schmalz-Connector-Screw)