Bellows suction cup (round) with 1.5 corr. for dynamic handling workpieces

Suction cup materialHigh temp material HT1
Material hardness [Shore A]60 Shore A
Number of folds1.5
SFB1 20 HT1-60 SC040
Attribute Value
D1 15.10 mm
Dmax(S) 21 mm
Dk 12.80 mm
Ds 20 mm
d 7.50 mm
d1 10.40 mm
d2 6.60 mm
H 17.50 mm
H2 4.70 mm
Z (Stroke) 5 mm
Attribute Value
Suction force (-600mbar) 2.10 N
Volume 1.18 cm³
Size 20
Number of folds 1.50
Suction cup material High temp material HT1
Material hardness [Shore A] 60 Shore A
Curve radius (min) (convex) 12.50 mm
Nipple family SC 040
Product family SFB1

Ordering information: SFB1 20 HT1-60 SC040