Vacuum Clamping Systems

Schmalz clamping solutions are used for a wide range of machining and assembly tasks. With vacuum power, components made from wood, metal, glass or plastic are fixed securely and without distortion.

Wood: The Industry Standard for CNC Woodworking

Schmalz offers a broad range of clamping equipment for all table types and various manufacturers. Schmalz offers machine manufacturers and outfitters complete, cross-manufacturer, individualized clamping systems for vacuum-driven machine tables.

Whether a 1-circuit or 2-circuit vacuum system, grid, nesting or flat tables, panel processing or frame production - clamping devices from Schmalz can be positioned precisely and exchanged quickly and easily when changing jobs.

Clamping solutions for woodworking

Are you a machine manufacturer or outfitter?

Schmalz supplies complete clamping systems for your vacuum driven machine table, regardless of manufacturer and individually adapted to your needs. Please contact us.

Glass: The Highest Level of Safety and Precision

Schmalz clamping solutions ensure flexible and efficient production processes in glass processing. Vacuum blocks with special friction pads are wear resistant and guarantee precise results, even in challenging operating conditions. High lateral force absorption and low height tolerances ensure optimal quality while grinding glass edges.

Clamping Equipment for Glass Processing

Metal and Plastics: Economical and Flexible Clamping from Batch Size One

Schmalz clamping solutions provide increased flexibility and reduce setup work for metal and plastics processing. Their low-vibration processing allows for efficient and gentle machining of thin, flat workpieces. Even small quantities can be produced economically and with repeatable quality.

Clamping Equipment for Metal and Plastic Processing

3D clamping, manual clamping and vacuum generation

Workpieces with uneven, rounded or curved contours present a new challenge for clamping technology. Complex components for CNC machining and measurement processes can be clamped without a problem.

Clamping Equipment for 3D Freeform Surfaces

The vacuum generation contributes significantly to process reliability when clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers. Schmalz has developed vacuum generators specially to meet the demands in the metal and glass working industry. These systems not only prepare the material, but also monitor and separate liquids or chips that have been sucked in.

Vacuum Generators

The vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp is the perfect tool for quick and flexible clamping of small and medium-sized workpieces. They can be fixed in any position and processed all-round. The Multi-Clamp is portable and can be used in a variety of industrial, workshop and building-site contexts.

Clamping Equipment for Manual Work

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For automated processes, Schmalz offers vacuum components and gripping systems ready for connection

Vacuum technology for automated processes

Vacuum lifters and smoothly running crane systems make manual processes more ergonomic

Vacuum lifters and cranes for manual processes