News about Vacuum Technology for Automation


High-performer for compressed air-free vacuum automation

With the Compact Pump GCPi, Schmalz presents a powerful vacuum generator with a purely electric suction and venting function. Supplemented by the electric 3/2-way compact valve LQE, the user receives a compressed air-free vacuum system with the performance of conventional ejector solutions.


New lightweight layer gripper ZLW: slim for the cobot

With the new weight-reduced layer gripper from Schmalz, cobots can also palletize lighter workpiece layers. It is not only slim, but also efficient: Schmalz optimally matches the suction grid, gripper dimensions and all other components to the handling task, thus minimizing the power required for vacuum generation.


Velvet gloves for batteries

They are smeared, rolled and cut - the journey that copper and aluminium foils have to go through before they can perform their role as anode and cathode in a battery sounds tough. Handling between the individual production steps must be all the gentler - how does this work?


140 percent more productivity

For Lang Metallwarenproduktion Neubrandenburg, the investment in an automation solution is paying off: The individual lightweight gripper SLG from Schmalz handles stamped and bent parts quickly and reliably, thus significantly increasing productivity. The elimination of cumbersome manual tasks also means more safety in the workplace.


New catalog for vacuum technology: To the product via QR code

Frisch aus der Druckerei liegt der neue Katalog von Schmalz als Print- und PDF-Version unter bereit. Auf 152 Seiten finden Anwender alle Komponenten, die sie für die Automatisierung mit Vakuum benötigen. Über QR-Code und Direktlink sind der Print-Katalog und der Online-Shop miteinander vernetzt.


MATCH Extension: Off to the App

Schmalz is expanding the MATCH end-of-arm platform: A new vacuum generator and the connection to the Schmalz Connect Suite ensure efficient pneumatic operation and intelligent data use.


New floating suction cups: extra flat or extra safe

Schmalz has developed two new floating suction cups − one is extra thin, the other extra safe. While the SBS Thin finds its place even in cramped automation processes, the SBS-ESD prevents uncontrolled electrostatic discharge thanks to dissipative elastomer buffers.


Quick change of place

erler gmbh automation . robotik has developed a robotic cell for the automated handling of small semiconductor components for Schweizer Electronic AG. In this cell, a Stäubli Scara robot transfers up to 31,000 chips per hour from a standard tray to a special holder for the subsequent etching bath. This is made possible by 176 flat suction pads from Schmalz.


SAXB: The best of both worlds

With the new SAXB series, Schmalz has developed a high-speed bellows suction pad in the premium segment that enables high volume flow rates while optimizing energy consumption. With its flexible suction bell, it adapts optimally to both oiled and complexly shaped components - ideal for use in the automotive industry.


SAXB: The best of both worlds

With the new SAXB series, Schmalz has developed a high-speed bellows suction pad in the premium segment that enables high volume flow rates while optimizing energy consumption. With its flexible suction bell, it adapts optimally to both oiled and complexly shaped components - ideal for use in the automotive industry.


Packed intact

48 percent of food in Germany ends up in the bin instead of in the shopping bag. They are damaged or contaminated during processing, for example. Gentle and hygienic handling solutions can reduce these losses. Important here: the right design and material.

Large-area gripper - now also networked

Schmalz is expanding the FXP/FMP large-area gripper series with intelligent functions and an IO-Link communication interface. This allows the universal gripper to supply important data for process monitoring to the smartphone, the cloud or the higher-level controller.


Area Gripper FMHD in Three Variants

From sawmills to furniture construction – the area gripper FMHD is frequently used in wood working. Schmalz developed its area gripper FMHD to allow particularly narrow, heavy, or extra long sections to be lifted quickly and safely.


The Guard of Vacuum and Pressure

Nothing gets past it. The volume flow sensor FS from Schmalz is located near the gripping point and reports volume flow deviations for both vacuum and pressure during the handling process. It thus monitors and optimizes processes.

New End-of-Arm Ecosystem from Zimmer Group and Schmalz

Cooperation project "MATCH" with extensive function package and universal interfaces


The perfect gripper with just four tools

Less is more. This statement also applies to Schmalz's new PXT modular gripper system. Because users can assemble their gripper quickly and easily from just a few standard components - and even assemble it themselves if they wish.


A Firm Grip, Even on Porous Objects

Need to handle airtight, porous or non-rigid components safely using lightweight or small industrial robots? Schmalz has the perfect solution with its new pneumatic vacuum generator RECB.

More Efficiency in Three Stages

Schmalz is equipping its compact ejector series SCPS(i) with three-stage ECO nozzle technology for the first time and making its vacuum generator even more powerful. The result is rapid handling processes with airtight, air-permeable or non-rigid workpieces such as particle boards, cardboard and bags. The optional IO-Link interface makes it easier to both monitor the vacuum level and use the technology in automated systems.


Precise Touch

With the finger gripper OFG, Schmalz has a new gripper in its product range that grips in a tight-fitting and gentle manner. Delicate food products such as doughnuts, chocolate kisses, fruit, and vegetables are packaged safely and kept intact.


Tolerance to Shape and Size

J. Schmalz GmbH has developed a new gripper for automated handling: The FQE is suitable for a variety of different tasks, including on collaborative robots, and grips workpieces of varying shapes and sizes with speed and reliability.


Grab a Cookie!

Food-safe, lightweight and effective: these are just some of the key features of the new flow gripper SFG from Schmalz. They enable it to handle food products with highly textured surfaces quickly but gently. This ensures cookies, waffles and other baked goods arrive safely in their packaging with speed and reliability.


Safe Scoring

In order to separate them, printed-circuit boards are first scored and then any uneven or rough surfaces are milled. For this purpose, LHMT GmbH develops highly specialized tools that fully automate not only the actual scoring and milling process, but also the loading and unloading of the sensitive circuit boards. For safe, gentle handling of these parts, LHMT turned to J. Schmalz GmbH. Schmalz was able to implement a reliable gripper solution thanks, in part, to their new NBR ESD suction cups.

Specialist for Highly Textured Surfaces

It is not easy to handle workpieces with highly textured surfaces reliably. With the compact flow gripper SCG-HSS, Schmalz has developed an efficient solution for doing so. The solution grips even sensitive workpieces very gently with minimal surface pressure – and low operating costs.

Added Value for Smart Field Devices

Intelligent components can process more than just digital control signals. Smart field devices from Schmalz deliver valuable information to improve processes over the long term. IO-Link has established itself as the standardized interface for communication between the higher-level controller and the sensor and actuator level. Users can now view data from smart field devices from Schmalz as well as data from other component manufacturers at any time with the new Schmalz Connect Suite. The solution enables both comprehensive data analysis and parameterization of individual devices. Dr. Maik Fiedler, Head of the Business Unit Vacuum Automation at J. Schmalz GmbH, explains the advantages of the Schmalz Connect Suite in detail.

Emptying Bins Made Easy

Schmalz is introducing a series of new solutions for the complex task of automated bin-picking, which includes ready-to-connect sets that can be installed intuitively as well as a new suction cup that adapts perfectly to the workpiece thanks to its thin sealing lip. All solutions are ideally suited for lightweight robots and cobots.

Digital Solutions for Vacuum Technology

Lightweight robots and intelligent vacuum components have become an integral part of the digitized and networked production world. Schmalz has produced a number of innovative products for the smart factory including a new bin picking solution, products incorporating the digital twin and a software tool providing a single access point for IO-Link components.

New Schmalz App for More Transparent Production

Schmalz has released a new app to make production more transparent for its users. Users can download the app on a smartphone or tablet to easily install, parameterize and operate vacuum components, such as the vacuum and pressure switch VSi. This reduces procurement costs, shortens startup time and optimizes device servicing.

On the road to autonomous warehouses: Gripping technology takes key position

Rarely before has automation technology experienced such a fundamental transformation than at present—massively influenced by increasing digitization of all areas of value creation. It begins with the ordering of goods, which increasingly takes place online. These developments bring new challenges for the shipment of goods and especially for the handling technology needed to carry it out. Gripping systems are taking on a key position as the interface to the product: If they do not function reliably, even the most sophisticated automation processes in the warehouse may stall.

Packaging Market: Important Role for Vacuum Handling Technology

The German packaging machinery industry is known for its high specialization and outstanding export quotas. A growing variety of packaging types and materials has led to an increase in the demand for flexibility and efficiency of the machines. This also has implications for automation and handling technology—in particular, for the optimization of process chains. The J. Schmalz GmbH firm recognized this development early and offers an extensive product range of economical vacuum solutions for transporting products with varying properties quickly and reliably.