Quick-Change Module RMQC

  • Quick-change module for use in lightweight robotics (cobots) or on industrial robots with lift capacity of up to 25 kg
  • Use within the End-of-Arm Ecosystem MATCH in combination with vacuum and mechanical grippers, assisted by digital services (e.g. setup wizard)
  • Flexible use in human-robot collaboration (MRK environment) as well as in mobile robotics
  • Automated processes such as pick & place, machine loading and unloading, order picking, packaging and palletizing as well as quality inspection
Product Highlights
  • Internal fluid channels facilitate tubing with minimal interference contours
  • Automated changing without additional drive for the realization of fully automated applications, e.g. in mobile robotics
  • Manual change with one-hand function within seconds thanks to compact design and low weight
  • Changing the end effector under voltage during operation (hot-plug function) reduces the control effort while at the same time ensuring a long service life
  • High process reliability due to integrated anti-rotation guard as well as optical and digital connect signal
Quick-Change Module RMQC
  • Connection cable for tool connection on the robot side (1)
  • Integrated locking mechanism for quick-change function in connection with grippers of the MATCH platform (anti-rotating) (2)
  • Hot-plug capable pin field for transmission of load and signal current (3)
  • Four internal fluid channels, two of which are accessible from the side, for supplying the connected gripper with compressed air or vacuum (4)
  • Connect display and Freedrive function (6) and LED ring (optional) (7)
  • Mounting option for cable strain relief / cable holder (5)
  • Suitable for End-of-Arm Ecosystem MATCH
  • Lift capacity up to 25 kg
  • Diameter: 75 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
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