DI-PROF 9x9.7 2K-MOS CR-20/60

Part no.:
Sealing section for construction of specific gripper solutions
Width B: 9 mm
Height H: 9.7 mm
Material-Type: 2 Comp. foam rubber
Sealing material: Chloroprene CR
Material hardness: 20 °Sh
Supporting material: Chloroprene CR
Material hardness2: 60 °Sh
DI-PROF 9x9.7 2K-MOS CR-20/60
Attribute Value
B 9 mm
B1 14.5 mm
B2 3.9 mm
B3 5.9 mm
B4 9.6 mm
H 9.7 mm
H1 26.5 mm
H2 2 mm
H3 4.7 mm
H4 10 mm
Note: Acceptable dimensional tolerances for rubber parts concerning to DIN ISO 3302-1 M3