SGP 35 HT1-60 N034

Part no.:
Flat suction cup (round) for careful gripping of paper, plastic film, etc.
Size: 35
Suction cup material:
High temp material HT1
Material hardness: 60 °Sh

The item phases out and is still available until Dec 31, 2025

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered. Your local contact person would be pleased to help you find an alternative. You can reach him/her at or . You can also contact us using the contact form.

SGP 35 HT1-60 N034
Attribute Value
d 10 mm
Dk 16.5 mm
Dmax(S) 35 mm
Ds 30.2 mm
H 23.5 mm
H2 14.8 mm
Z (Stroke) 0.5 mm