VS-P10-W-D PNP M8-4

Part no.:
Vacuum/pressure switch in cube shape with display and digital output signals
Measuring range: 0.0 ... 10.0 bar
Shape: Cube, digital display
Type: Switches to plus
Electrical connection:
Male connect M8, 4 pole
Inputs/outputs: 2 digital

The item phases out and is still available until Dec 31, 2023

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered.
Alternative item (see picture): VS-P10-W-D PNP K 3C-D

VS-P10-W-D PNP M8-4
Attribute Value
B 29 mm
D 3.4 mm
G1 G1/8"-F
G3 M8x1-M
G4 M3-F
H 30 mm
H1 40 mm
L 30 mm
LG1 8 mm
X1 21 mm
Y1 21 mm