A moving history

First razor blades, then transport equipment, today vacuum technology and energy storage: the history of the Schmalz company is characterised by continuous change, by markets that are changing and by the constant urge to create something new for customers. Founded in 1910 as a razor blade factory, Schmalz has developed into an internationally successful industrial company with customers from almost all branches of industry.

The Schmalz Razor Blade Factory

"A man with a beard is unfashionable, today you love the shaved gentleman." I wonder if today's Berlin hipsters would've liked the slogan of the Schmalz razor blade factory in the 30's. At that time, company founder Johannes Schmalz had already made an international name for himself with his "Glattis": the company sent out several million blades per year to customers all over the world.

In 1910, Johannes Schmalz had founded the company directly on the river Glatt because he found a hydroelectric power plant for operating his machines here. In the early days, the resourceful Black Forest native developed and manufactured all important machines himself, for example an automatic grinding and polishing machine.