Get a Grip on What Comes

Schmalz has designed a new multi-gripper for the vacuum tube lifters in the JumboFlex series. Thanks to additive production technology, it is particularly light and compact. The multi-gripper is now available in two different formats.

Schmalz makes universal gripping of cardboard boxes in different sizes and qualities possible with the new multi-gripper.

The advantage of the new multi-gripper is its ability to safely handle cardboard boxes of different sizes and qualities. It compensates for unevenness with its bellows suction cups and, thanks to its compact format and the lateral projection of the suction cups, it can even grip workpieces from the corners of a KLT container. J. Schmalz GmbH developed this versatile component with the aim of providing users with a flat and light tool equipped with an optimized suction cup connection. This is made possible by combining an additive manufactured housing with a cover plate made of lightweight aluminum. The additive manufacturing process makes round edges possible, thus making additional edge protection unnecessary.

Schmalz offers the new multi-gripper in two sizes: 362 x 238 x 86 millimeters for the JumboFlex 50 with a maximum lift capacity of 50 kg and 256 x 238 x 86 millimeters for the smaller JumboFlex series 20 and 35 (maximum lift capacity of 20 and 35 kg respectively). Each version safely handles different cardboard box sizes and qualities, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming gripper changes. Even unstable or open cardboard boxes can be handled quickly and accurately with the help of the multi-gripper. It is suitable for safe lifting when 75 percent of the suction cups are covered by the workpiece.


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