Our tradition is our future.

We were already living sustainability long before the term became popular. Since the founding of our company in 1910 in Glatten - the headquarters of Schmalz - efficient and resource-saving management has been one of the basic principles of the company. Sustainability has a long tradition with us - a tradition which has become a success factor in the face of many global changes.

Even though we are dealing with different topics today than 100 years ago: For us, sustainability is a compass that keeps us on course in economic, ecological and social issues. Only if economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment function as a holistic system can a long-term stable foundation be established. We bundle our sustainability measures in the Schmalz ecoSYSTEM - a visible sign of the holistic, sustainable management at Schmalz.


Long-term thinking | Family run company


Carbon-neutral production in Glatten | Maximum resource efficiency

Social affairs

High employee orientation | Social commitment